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Dowdstown House is listed on the Meath County Council Record of Protected Structures under RPS No. MH031-119 by virtue of its architectural, artistic, social and technical merits.

The record states:

Dowdstown House is a ‘detached house of two-storeys, built c1870 with Elizabethan style tower, steep gabled roof and round turret room.  Attached to the south end of early 19th Century office buildings.’

An appraisal of Dowdstown House by Meath County Council states that the property is a picturesque design in the Baronial Style, by Lanyon, Lynn Lanyon.  The property demonstrates the fashions and new techniques of its day.

Additional buildings and monuments of conservation and heritage significance exist on site, however these do not form part of the property on offer.

The ‘Far East Office’ is not a protected structure.

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