Town Planning

Cathal Brugha Street, Lot 1 and Marlborough Street, Lot 2 are located in the Local Authority Borough of Dublin City Council.  The properties are zoned ‘Z5’ – City Centre – To consolidate and facilitate the development of the central area, and to identify, reinforce, and strengthen and protect its civic design, character and dignityunder the Dublin City Development Plan 2016 – 2022.

This is an intensive mixed use city centre zoning and provides for a variety of permissible and ‘open for consideration’ uses which are;


Amusement/leisure complex, ATM, Bed and Breakfast, Betting office, Buildings for the health, safety and welfare of the public, Car park, Car trading, Childcare facility, Civic Offices, Community facility, Conference centre, Cultural/recreational building and uses, Delicatessen Education, Embassy office, Enterprise centre, Funeral home, Guest house, Home-based economic activity, Hostel, Hotel, Industry (light), Internet café, Live work units, Media recording and general media-associated uses, Medical and related consultants, Motor sales showroom, Nightclub, Office, Off-licence, Open space, Part off-licence, Place of public worship, Public house, Public service installation, Residential, Restaurant, Science and technology based industry, Shop (district), Shop (neighbourhood), Shop (major comparison), Takeaway, Training centre, Veterinary surgery, Warehousing (retail/non-food)/ Retail Park.

Open for Consideration

Advertisement and advertising structures, Civic and amenity/recycling centre, Financial institution, Household fuel depot, Outdoor poster advertising, Petrol station, Transport depot.

Cathal Brugha Street and Marlborough Street are also located in an Architectural Conservation Area (ACA).  Therefore the properties are identified by Dublin City Council as having special character and architectural interest and assist in preserving the special character of the area.  Additional policies and objectives are applied via an adopted Frameworks, which does permit a certain level of flexibility in terms of design in the locality.

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